Privacy and Cookie Policy Joanna Grzesista company, hereinafter referred to as Organiser, attaches special importance to the respect for the privacy of the Users visiting this service. The data collected in the logs is used solely and exclusively for the purposes of administration of the service.

data collection

In compliance with the practice adopted by the majority of web services, we store the HTTP requests addressed to our server. It means that we know the public IP addresses, from which the Users browse the informational contents of our service. The browsed resources are identified by means of URL addresses. We also know:

  • the time of receive of the request,
  • the time of sending of the response,
  • the name of the client workstation - identification realised through HTTP protocol,
  • information on the errors occurring upon realisation of the HTTP transaction,
  • URL address of the site visited previously by the User (referer link) - in case when the User came to the webpage through a link,
  • information on the User's browser,
  • the session history of the User.

data usage

In order to ensure the top quality of the service, we occasionally analyse the files with the logs and the history of the sessions in order to determine which sites are visited the most frequently, which web browsers are used, whether the site structure does not contain any errors, etc.

The collected logs and session data are stored for indefinite time as auxiliary material for service administration. The information contained therein is not disclosed to anyone else than the persons authorised to administration of the server as well as upon a request of competent services in compliance with the Polish law. On the basis of log files, statistics constituting help in administration may be generated. Collective summaries in the form of such statistics do not contain any features identifying the persons visiting our service.

personal data protection

The personal data provided in any place of this website is collected and processed by the Organiser for the purposes of preparation and holding of the event as well as in connection with operation of this website. The User retains the right to have access to the content of their data as well as to correct it according to the principles provided for by the personal data protection provisions.
The personal data is collected fully voluntarily. The data collected in the manner determined above will also be processed by the Organiser for the purposes of realisation of its other statutory actions, including information on the events organised by the Organiser. This data may be transferred to cooperating companies (sponsors) only in case when the User expresses their consent thereto in an open way. In this case, the principle of the presumed consent does not apply. By registering for this conference, the User expresses consent to data processing for the purposes and objective determined above.

links to other sites

We inform that this service includes links to other websites. We may not be responsible for the privacy principles being in force on these sites. We encourage the Users to acquaint themselves with the privacy policy established on other sites after moving thereto.

cookie mechanism on conference webpages

The cookie mechanism is not used for acquisition of any information on the Users of the service. Cookies used in the service do not store any personal data or other information collected from the Users. The only cookie type called ‘PHPSESSID’ contains solely the unique identifier allowing for maintenance of active session of the User upon movement between the logged sites.

cookie use principles

The User may change the settings relating to cookies by themselves and at any time, determining the terms & conditions of their storage and of obtaining access thereto in the device used by the User. These settings may be changed by means of web browser settings or by means of service configuration. The settings may be changed in such a way as to block automatic support of cookies in the settings of the web browser or as to inform on placement of a cookie in the device each time. The detailed information on the possibility and methods of support of cookies is available in the settings of the software (web browser).

The User may delete the cookies at any time, using the available functions in the used web browser.

Any limitations of use of cookies may impair some functionalities of our web service. In such case, the authors unfortunately cannot guarantee correct and faultless operation of the website.

changes of the applicable policy

In case of a change of the applicable Privacy Policy, relevant modifications will be introduced hereto.